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понедељак, 31. октобар 2011.

Hannibal (2001)

Hannibal (2001)

After having successfully eluded the authorities for years, Hannibal peacefully lives in Italy in disguise as an art scholar. Trouble strikes again when he is discovered leaving a deserving few dead in the process. He returns back to America to once again make contact with now disgraced Agent Clarice Starling who is suffering the wrath of a malicious FBI official/rival as well as the media. Meanwhile, Hannibal must survive the advances by a disfigured and vengeful victim he first came in contact with years ago as a patient. He finds himself being tracked down not only by his wealthy victim and his henchmen but also by Agent Starling and the American authorities.
ZANR: Crime | Drama | Thriller

GLAVNE ULOGE:   Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore and Gary Oldman


Kad kliknete Play morate sacekati nekoliko minuta dok se film ucita i krene.

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